Albumin – if found in the urine, this indicates future kidney damage which can be prevented by a group of
meds called ACE inhibitors (and ARB’s).  You are probably on one already.  If you are not sure please, ask me!

B. Blood Pressure – Ideally below 130/80 and definitely below 140/90, with certain exceptions.

C. Cholesterol – The LDL cholesterol should be less than 100… what is yours?

D. Diet – Depending on your weight and activity, keep your intake between 1400-1800 calories divided between at least 3 meals over the day.  Should be well balanced and nutritional.

     Drugs – Know your medications and side effects

E. Eye – You need to have a thorough dilated eye exam at least once a year… when was your last eye exam?

F.  Feet – You are prone to foot infection.  You need a thorough foot exam at least every 6 months, preferably with a podiatrist.  When did you see your podiatrist last?

G. Guardian Drugs – You may need to take a baby aspirin to protect your heart and/or ACE inhibitor or ARB to protect your kidneys.  Ask me!

H. Heart – Your risk of heart disease is increased.  You may have silent heart disease so please talk to me about it.
      Hypoglycemia – Some drugs may cause low sugar.  Make sure you know the signs and symptoms.  Remember, signs and symptoms are    different for everyone but here are a few common ones:
    Shakiness, sweating, chills, clamminess, rapid/fast heartbeat, weakness, fatigue, and lack of coordination.  Treatment is to eat or drink simple carbohydrates such as juice, soda, hard candy, or glucose tablets.  If left untreated this could lead to a coma or death.

A. HBA1C – is one of the most important tests to tell you how your blood glucose control has been over the past three to four months.  The usual goal is less than 7.  Your goal may be different, please ask me!

The following table gives you the equivalents of HbA1C to the regular blood sugar:

What to Do
ADA TargetsMy Targets

My Results


My Results


My Results


My Results


At Every Office Visit

Review Blood Glucose Numbers


Below 100 mg/dl

Before Meals
70-130 mg/dl

2 Hours after the start of a meal
Below 180 mg/dl

Check blood pressure
Below 130/80 mmHg

Review meal plan

Review activity level

Check weight

Discuss questions or concerns

At Least Every 3 to 6 Months

Below 7%

At Least Once Per Year

Physical Exam

LDL Cholesterol
Below 100 mg/dl

HDL Cholesterol

Men: Above 40 mg/dl

Women: Above 50 mg/dl

Below 150 mg/dl

Dilated Eye Exam

Below 30 ug/mg creatinine

Blood test to estimate GFR

Flu Shot

Once Per Lifetime

Pneumonia Vaccine

Know Your Diabetes Alphabet!

Blood Sugar


Tracking Your Targets!