Stafford Medical Diagnostic Center is conveniently located on the first floor at our Manahawkin location.  Our diagnostic center is accredited in Nuclear, Echo, and Vascular testing.

The Diagnostic Center is directed by our Board Certified Cardiologists, M. Tekriwal, M.D. and W. Hong, M.D. as well as our Board Certified Pulmonologists, J. Lipper, M.D. and A. Palecki, M.D.

Our Diagnostic Center is staffed by highly qualified Technicians & Technologists.

Stafford Medical is pleased to announce that our Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Center is an accredited facility in the following areas of testing:

  • Stress Nuclear Testing by ICANL (Intersocietal Commission for Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories)
  • Adult Echocardiography by ICAEL (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Echocardiography)
  • Vascular Testing (Carotid Duplex) by ICAVL (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Vascular Testing)

Accreditation is a “Seal of Approval” by medical experts in their respective field of testing and it is granted to those facilities which are trained to provide quality care in compliance with national standards through comprehensive application process including detailed case study review, skill of technologist, type of equipment and interpreting physician. Dr. Tekriwal and Dr. Hong are Nuclear and Echo Board Certified. Dr. Tekriwal is a RVT (Registered Vascular Technician) and a RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation). Dr. Hong is a RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer).

To schedule a test at our facility,  please call (609) 597-0440. Please have your script and insurance cards available.