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Exercise Stress Test


An Exercise Stress Test (EST) is done to see if someone has Coronary Artery Disease (blockage in the pipes of the heart). A stress test requires that a patient exercises on a treadmill while his or her heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram (ECG) are being monitored by a cardiologist.


When the body is active, it requires more oxygen then when at rest, and therefore, the heart has to pump more blood. Because of the increased stress on the heart, exercise can reveal coronary problems that are not apparent when the body is at rest.  The stress test helps doctors determine how well the heart handles the increased demands imposed by physical activity.


During this test, a technician will place electrodes on specific areas of the patient’s chest. The technician attaches wires from the electrodes to an electrocardiogram (ECG), which records the heart during the stress test. You will also be hooked up to a blood pressure monitor and a technician will be taking your blood pressure during the stress test.


Initially the treadmill will start out slow and up on an incline. Every 3 minutes the speed and incline will increase. You can stop the test at any time by telling the cardiologist if you need to stop. You are encouraged to do the best you can. After the test you will be asked to sit down while the doctor continues to monitor your heart rate, ECG, and blood pressure. You will need to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for this test. If you take any blood pressure medication that is a calcium or beta blocker you may be asked to hold these medications prior to your test.